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Kenya Climate Innovation Center Projects

A happy client in Kieni, Nyeri county,holds up the Plantmate packaging after using it on her wheat farm

Organic fertilizer

Wanda Organic`s focus is on the most abundant natural resource, which is the Earth’s soil. The company produces bio-organic soil fertility technologies that correct and replenish soils. Wanda organic enables...

Complete collection center solar ice making machine

Solar Milk Chiller

Most farmers are not equipped with proper storage facilities thus some milk usually goes to waste on production. This happens during the rainy season when milk production is high. TSS...

Customers of a hotel in Sagana, enjoy the Roselle juice

Do you like your organic beverage cold or hot?

The East Africa Roselle is a company that produces juice and tea bags from Roselle hibiscus flower grown in Kirinyaga. The plant is well known for its fleshy calyces that...

Investors and founders of Farm Capital visit a French beans Farm in Kabaa, Machakos County

Angel funding platform for Agripreneurs

Farm Capital Africa (FCA) has developed a platform where agri-entrepreneurs are linked to investors in a risk – return arrangement. This ensures that the farmers have access to funds and...

Nyangorora’s Ritoke crisps stoked in a supermarket

Ritoke a tasty Banana snack!

Nyangorora Banana Processing Group (NBPG) is a youth-owned company investing in tissue culture bananas and value addition for the same, with the aim of alleviating poverty in Kisii County. NBPG...

A farmer feeding her cow with Lisha Bora’s fodder

Lisha Bora – eliminating poverty through innovation

Lisha Bora believes eliminating poverty through innovation and education in the dairy sector of Kenya. They envision an Africa with a strong dairy sector that not only feeds the communities...

Classic foods team training farmers in Makueni

Food processing and distribution

Classic Foods Ltd principal mission is to provide market access to farmers through value addition. The company partners with farmers to increase output and provide them with ready market for...

The entrepreneur standing in front of one of the acacia trees mounted with hives

Every Acacia for a Hive

Farmers in Africa have been particularly affected by the adverse effects of climate change. The case is not different for the average farmer in Makueni County, Kenya. The region is...

Staff at the Eco Agribusiness factory processing the strawberries into pulp

Fruit Jams fresh from farm

Eco Agribusiness Limited (EAL) is a company that value adds fruits namely, strawberries, tree tomatoes, passion, pineapples, mangoes and oranges. The company currently has five product lines, which include Jams,...