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Access to Energy; Why does it matter?

Kenya is experiencing a major crisis in the electricity sector following a prolonged dry spell in the last ten months. This has led to a reduction in hydropower production by...

21 Aug 2017

Gender Equality and business

Women comprise of more than half of Africa’s population and their contribution to the economy is extensive. However, they form 30-70 percent of people living below $2 in the continent....

14 Aug 2017

Study tour to Gorge Park Energy Farm and Solinc East Africa

As energy demand on the farms continue to rise with the setting in of modern farming techniques, the conventional power sources are continually becoming inadequate and costly. There is, therefore,...

11 Aug 2017

Investing in green businesses is viable

Kenya’s economy is the largest in East Africa. With the growth comes depletion of natural resources at a rate not fast enough to regenerate more. The Kenya National Climate Change...

11 Aug 2017

Ukulima Tech sets up farming systems in South Sudan

In South Sudan, a quiet town called Cueibet exists. A town that is more of a rural community which is subjected to food insecurity issues, poverty and infertile lands. The...

11 Aug 2017

Sugarcane bagasse as an alternative renewable energy solution

Every year, thousands of tonnes of sugarcane waste remain underutilized after cane has been crushed. It is heaped or burned just like most agricultural waste. Previously, there have been numerous...

26 Jul 2017

Supporting farmers through access to quality seeds

Since 2009, Seed Savers Network has been in the business of helping small holder farmers access the seeds. Over the years, the organization has established close contact with over 50,000...

26 Jul 2017

ClimateLaunchPad (CLP) hosts boot camp in Kenya

ClimateLaunchPad (CLP) is the world’s largest green business idea competition. CLP’s mission is to unlock the world’s clean tech potential that addresses climate change. The objective is to support early stage...

26 Jul 2017

ClimateLaunchpad Boot Camp Programme


The Boot Camp is a 2-day fast track course and workshop lead by a ClimateLaunchpad certified Boot Camp Trainer. The programme covers all aspects of a...

24 Jul 2017

Access to renewable energy solutions to consumers in Western Kenya

It probably is a first of its kind. Providing loans for business and renewable energy products. Under the product dubbed Mwangaza Solar Loan, Rafode meets the energy needs of women...

2 Jun 2017