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Powering Kenya through Solar

Access to electricity is considered a very prestigious thing particularly in rural Kenya where majority of the population have no access to the grid. While the Kenyan government has taken...

15 Feb 2017

Supporting farmers to use bio-diesel water pumps

Kitui industries was established in 1980, but has been involved in renewable energy since 2011.The company seeks to alleviate the challenge of access to water for sanitation and agriculture by...

15 Feb 2017

Farming without the use of conventional soil

Climate change has reared its ugly head on livestock production by making it increasingly difficult due to lack of pasture and fodder for the animals coupled by the high cost...

15 Feb 2017

Help Farmers in Kitui County to purchase bio-diesel water pumps

Kitui Industries

The Problem:

Kitui County is a semi-arid area, which has of late been suffering the negative effects of climate change. Erratic rainfall coupled with increased temperatures have...

2 Feb 2017

Briquette making proves to be a solution for deforestation

Maa Briquettes has been in operation for the last three years. The founder, George Mochu, an alumnus of Kenyatta University was unable to secure employment after his studies. In an...

30 Jan 2017

Turning ‘poop’ into fuel

Accessibility to sanitation facilities in Kenya still remains a challenge for many. One in seven million people worldwide still practise open defecation. A report by World Health Organisation (WHO) and...

30 Jan 2017

Entrepreneurship can address Kenya’s drought crisis

The drought situation that Kenya is currently experiencing ranges from moderate to severe especially in the coastal and northern parts of the country. It is predicted that the situation is...

30 Jan 2017

Climate change pinch: The prevailing drought in Kenya

Drought in Kenya has become cyclical and predictable. The effects of climate change become more pronounced each day and it is evident that they are at fever pitch. Climate change...

30 Jan 2017

Empower a farmer in the strawberry value chain on M-Changa

Due to the impact of climate change, increasing population and smaller land sizes, smallholder farmers are finding it difficult to survive under the traditional livelihoods systems such as growing conventional...

19 Jan 2017

Supporting agribusiness entities with cold chain solutions

Enterprise Projects Ventures is an agricultural technology company which manufactures InspiraFarms. The company was established in 2012 in Guatemala and set up offices in Kenya in 2014 to service the...

19 Jan 2017