Jan 11, 2018


Position: Director - Client Services

Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer

Job Summary

The jobholder is responsible for overseeing and providing policy and operational guidance to Client Services directorate.

Position: Manager – Access to Finance

Reporting to: Director-Client  Services

Job Summary

The jobholder is responsible for incubating early stage and growth stage innovations, prudent management of Proof of Concept (POC) funding and clients’ access to early stage and growth stage funding.

Position: Sustainability Initiatives Officer

Reporting to: Manager, Corporate Services

Job Summary

The KCIC 'Sustainability Initiative Officer' supports achievement of the objectives set out in the KCIC Sustainability Initiative. The role supports the delivery of key sustainability strategies, projects and programs while contributing to the development of new initiatives. Under the direction of the Clients Services Director, the jobholder is responsible for developing, planning, and managing programs and developing policies that will revolve around awareness creation, building and supporting networks and communities of practice, supervision of consultants and support for capacity building efforts, overseeing research, convening the initiative’s think tank and management of short-to-long term sustainability projects from time to time.

Position: Research Intern

Reporting to: Sustainability Initiative Officer

Job Summary

The job holder will be responsible for; data collection, data analysis, report writing and ensuring meaningful statistical analysis and techniques are used to infer results on data collected.

The internship role will provide an opportunity to apply statistical concepts learnt in the classroom in a professional setting. It will also help to improve research and data analysis skills as well as learn to manage and prioritize tasks. You will work alongside experts in sustainable development, Natural resource economics, energy, policy and governance.


Closing date for the application is Friday, 26th January 2018

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