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Make Clean Energy available to the rural poor

The introduction of renewable energy solutions in the rural areas especially for cooking needs to be a priority in the country. The...

19 Jun 2017

Funding of innovations: What is the solution?

Lack of funding for innovations has been one of the major reasons innovations have not scaled up into big enterprises. Innovations have not...

15 Jun 2017

Agribusiness crucial to continents push for industrialized economy.

While developing and expanding the industrialized economy one aspect that cannot be ignored is the transformation of the agriculture sector. Agriculture contributes...

8 Jun 2017

To Drive Growth lets Tap Green Energy

Despite the little contribution to greenhouse gas emission from developing countries and especially in Africa, Kenya and Africa in general continue to be...

18 May 2017

Homes Owners face jail for not installing solar power/ Business daily 21st April 2017

The energy (solar heating regulation) regulation of 2012 under section 3 provide that “All premises within...

16 May 2017

Climate Change at a Glance April 3rd to 7th

Drought Dampens hopes of a prosperous Turkana…. Business daily/APRIL 6

Even though oil and aquifers were discovered in Turkana five years...

2 May 2017