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Strauss Energy

Established in 2007, Strauss Energy is a local firm comprising of accomplished and enterprising innovators in the fields of engineering, energy and construction. The company provides a solution to the energy problems currently being experienced by businesses and households by providing renewable and cost-effective energy through (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) BIPV technology, a revolutionary solar-powered roofing tile designed and made in Kenya. It is tested and approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. To fully realize the envisaged Vision 2030, Strauss is fast on the path of plugging the energy deficiency and plans to meet the needs of both public and private clients it serves.

They complement conventional roofing with tiles that incorporate solar cells connected together. This provides a roof that is structurally unmodified to produce electricity for the occupants of the building towards maximizing solar. The expected result is that any user of this BIPV roofing tile, instead of paying their power bill they instead get compensated for the extra power. The plan is to sell the excess power back to the national grid. KCIC has been able to assist in reviewing their business model and provide mentorship.

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