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Safi Organics

Safi Organic is a company in the business of producing and selling fortified biochar fertilizer. The company is committed to developing a low-cost alternative to reduce smallholder farmers’ current dependency on expensive imported chemical fertilizers, which make the soil acidic in the long run. Biochar is defined as charcoal that is used for agricultural purposes. It is created using a pyrolysis process, heating biomass in a low oxygen environment.

Safi organics produces a soil conditioner called Safi Sarvi that has proven to increase yields by 30%, while also increasing nutrients, saving water through better soil retention, and removing up to 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide per acre of land during growing season. The biochar, which is produced from rice husks, also restores soils that have been degraded and acidified by decades of chemical fertilizer use.

Safi Organics has received recognition from a number of start-up competitions, entrepreneur programs, and other organizations, including the MIT IDEAS Global Challenge, University of California’s Global Food Initiative, the Tony Elemelu Foundation, and the Total Challenge - Kenya.

The company has received training on business development, financing and human resource from KCIC. They are part of the mentorship programme and are receiving business advisory services.

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