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G – Jenge

G-Jenge taka is social enterprise that aims to address the prevalent crisis of improper waste management in the country. They have developed an ecosystem of offering redeemable points in exchange for recyclable waste in an effort to improve living standards and foster an eco-friendly lifestyle for a greener and healthier environment. G-Jenge taka runs on a mobile application that links direct household and G-Jenge as a business platform whereby they buy inorganic waste like e.g. plastics, broken glass, old newspapers and trash (recyclable materials) from homesteads, institutions and various establishments, sort it, clean and repackage it before selling to recycling companies with the aim of recycling hence reducing pollution in our environment. On picking of the waste, we weigh them through our agent network through the application which in turn sums up and credit the household via money centric handsets.

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Nzambi Matee
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