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Solar Milk Chiller

Complete collection center solar ice making machine

Most farmers are not equipped with proper storage facilities thus some milk usually goes to waste on production. This happens during the rainy season when milk production is high. TSS Limited developed a solar-powered milk chilling and collection equipment that consists of a mobile solar generator which provides power to a conventional block ice machine for a rural African setting. In 2008, TSS participated in a pilot project to establish solar-powered milk collection centers in Kenya, in collaboration with Solar Ice Company, an American company and Heifer International.

The company is targeting dairy farmers who lack access to storage. Milk is known to be highly perishable and this innovation will greatly benefit farmers from incurring losses caused by spoiled milk. Consequently, this will motivate the farmers to invest more into the sector leading to increased revenues for the farmers and jobs creation.

TSS Limited
Date: May 23, 2016