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Lisha Bora – eliminating poverty through innovation

A farmer feeding her cow with Lisha Bora’s fodder

Lisha Bora believes eliminating poverty through innovation and education in the dairy sector of Kenya. They envision an Africa with a strong dairy sector that not only feeds the communities in which they operate, but an Africa that feeds the world. They attribute that many of the 1.8 million dairy farmers earn less than $2 USD a day due to limited options, low quality, and high cost of dairy feed currently available in the market.

They have created a dairy feed that is nutritious and affordable in order to raise the amount of milk produced by smallholder dairy farmers. They measure the impact of the milk production by using dairy cards used by the dairy co-operatives that collect the milk from small holder farmers. By measuring how much milk each cow produced before they start feeding the cows their product, they can compare how much milk each cow produces one week, one month, and beyond after initial product use. They are conducting lab tests on their fodder and current market feeds, they will be able to add nutrients and other necessary components of the cow’s diet to the fodder.

Lisha Bora
Date: May 23, 2016