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Food processing and distribution

Classic foods team training farmers in Makueni

Classic Foods Ltd principal mission is to provide market access to farmers through value addition. The company partners with farmers to increase output and provide them with ready market for their produce. The model integrates farmers into the supply chain by helping them to increase output in return they supply cheaper, sustainable and quality raw materials to Classic Foods.

The project has a commercial objective to increased and sustainable intake; stabilize market and linkages for the resultant farm products through improvement of our processing methods, technology and economies of scale.

The company has so far created long term relationships with thousands of farmers who benefit from increased production and climate change resilience which has ensured that they consistently get cheap raw materials. This has given the company market and profitability advantage. The synergy created, offers additional market since the same farmers use our processed products. The Innovation enables access to consistent, quality and cheaper raw materials directly from the farmers and generates revenues from the synergistic integration of farmers in the supply chain.

The innovation further provides platform where we the company is able to increase their product range and improve on quality of nutritious foods resulting to a win-win situation for Classic Foods and farmers.

Classic foods
Date: May 23, 2016