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Angel funding platform for Agripreneurs

Investors and founders of Farm Capital visit a French beans Farm in Kabaa, Machakos County

Farm Capital Africa (FCA) has developed a platform where agri-entrepreneurs are linked to investors in a risk – return arrangement. This ensures that the farmers have access to funds and are able to increase productivity on their farms.

Agri-entrepreneurs identified are taken through a screening process to determine their commitment and viability. They then get into a contract whereby they receive various business and technical services including extension and marketing services from FCA and access investors’ funds.

This innovation has led to improved yield due to better farming techniques employed and extension services for the farmers. It has also led to creation of jobs along the value chain. Overall, it will lead to food security in the country in a more economic and sustainable way.

Farm Capital Africa (FCA)
Date: May 23, 2016