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Helping entrepreneurs embed sustainability into their businesses 

When discussing corporate sustainability, the focus is often on larger and already well-established corporations. Thus for startups, the idea of incorporating a sustainability strategy into their business model might appear...

7 Nov 2018

 Clean cooking solutions in the 4-in-1 cook stove 

Feabrine Asiachi was born in Kenya. As an infant,  he was taken under the care of a Dutch couple who became his guardians. With them, he moved to the Netherlands and...

7 Nov 2018

Bees contribute to a healthy ecosystem

Bees are an essential part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Through pollinating plants, bees assist in the production of one out of three bites of food. However, climate change is...

24 Oct 2018

Fighting invasive worms, empowering women

Poverty in Kenya tends to have a rural and female face. The poorest counties in Kenya are in rural areas- with a whopping 8 out of 10 residents in the poorest...

23 Oct 2018

Converting cactus into renewable energy 

In the 1940s, colonial administrators brought a decorative cactus to Kenya. While the opuntia ficus was appreciated for its juicy fruits and ability to act as a barrier, in the...

23 Oct 2018

Top 3 winners of the ClimateLaunchpad national finals to represent Kenya in Scotland

Last week, the top three winners of the ClimateLaunchpad National Finals were awarded at a cocktail event organized by the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC). The 2ndrunner up was Aqua Ethanol,...

1 Oct 2018

Coco pith: the magical waste product

Coconuts are quite the magical plant. Its oil can be used for a variety of cooking and beauty purposes, its water is extra hydrating, and, it turns out, its pith can...

19 Sep 2018

Renewable Energy Policy Dialogue: Shaping the green growth agenda in Kenya

Lack of Electricity Access in Africa 

One of the foremost challenges holding back African development is a lack of access to electricity. While the African Union 2063 Agenda stresses that...

19 Sep 2018

Combining wind with solar energy to expand access to electricity in Kenya

Kenya leads the East Africa region regarding access to electricity. Still, at a rate of just 56% electrification, the country still has a way to go in ensuring that everyone...

19 Sep 2018

VAT ACT 2013: the big wakeup call

True to our Kenyan Spirit we are now on a new wave after we had a new darling in “Sany” the demolishing king. A few weeks ago, our focus and...

5 Sep 2018