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Early stage fundraising: the place of the customer

Throughout all ages, humanity has always attempted to foretell or understand the future. We dream and imagine, we build predictive algorithms, we have prophets and soothsayers. We even hope for...

9 Jan 2019

LeJan Energy: making sawdust briquettes as an alternative energy source

Sawdust is a timber-industrial waste product that pollutes the environment. Generally coming from the industries of saw-milling, pulp plant and paper, and wood processing, how to dispose of it poses...

9 Jan 2019

Looking into some barriers facing green-growth enterprises in Kenya

The green entrepreneurship ecosystem in Kenya is dominated by young, educated and enthusiastic individuals with a hope for better world, stable businesses, and a desire to be their own bosses....

9 Jan 2019

BioAfriq Energy: mitigating climate change while improving students’ lives

In Kitui and Machakos, Kenya, the government imposed a ban on logging in order to protect the forests. However, as is typical in rural parts of the country, firewood is...

19 Dec 2018

Getting your “Dawa” at your convenience

Lemon fruit is a widely used product in Kenyan households. From salad dressing to cake garnishes, one of the most popular uses is in making the lemon-ginger-honey health drink, “dawa”. Lemons...

19 Dec 2018

KCIC invests in Acacia Innovations with Early Stage Financing

Throughout working with climate entrepreneurs, KCIC began to notice that there was a gap in financing options for its clients. At the beginning stages, a startup is oftentimes dependent on...

19 Dec 2018

Exotic EPZ Limited shines at the AWIEF Awards

One of the keys to ensuring sustainable economic development in Africa is through the empowerment of women entrepreneurs. To this end, the Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF)is held...

21 Nov 2018

Gluten free flours, a healthier alternative

Dash Crop Limited is a limited liability company that works with smallholder farmers in cassava, finger millet, amaranth, pulses and sorghum value chains across Homabay, Migori, Busia, Kisumu and Siaya...

21 Nov 2018

Training youth in water resources enterprises and innovation

The WaterCap and UNDP-CapNet in conjunction with the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) organized a three day training for youth in water resources, enterprise and innovation to serve as a platform for...

21 Nov 2018

Kenya qualifies to top 16 while Portugal takes first prize at the CLP 2018 grand finals

The winners of the fifth edition of the ClimateLaunchPad global grand finals were announced on Friday in Edinburgh, Scotland. The competition saw more than 1,500 entrepreneurship idea entries from 44...

7 Nov 2018