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The Lion’s Den: CTP team walks in the entrepreneur’s shoes

Pitching for your business is an important step in getting the right people in your ecosystem. The correct pitch is likely to guarantee an entrepreuer an investor, grant or a...

1 Mar 2017

KCIC and CTP participate in the 4th Sankalp Summit 2017

The just concluded 4th Sankalp Summit 2017 brought together participants from the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) and the Climate Technology Program (CTP)  in Nairobi to share ideas on how to...

1 Mar 2017

Entrepreneurs in the seed sector converge to explore the open source seeds concept

Farmers need to have access to seeds that enable them to develop and grow a wide variety of crops. Seed diversity does not occupy a significant place within the business...

1 Mar 2017

Azuri launches new factory to increase production of dried fruits and vegetables

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), it is estimated that 1.3 billion tonnes of food which translates to 30 per cent does not make it from the farm...

1 Mar 2017

Accounting for water consumption in homes through tokens

As water rapidly continues to become a scarce commodity in most urban and rural towns, one has no choice other than to pay for the service despite the limited or...

15 Feb 2017

Powering Kenya through Solar

Access to electricity is considered a very prestigious thing particularly in rural Kenya where majority of the population have no access to the grid. While the Kenyan government has taken...

15 Feb 2017

Supporting farmers to use bio-diesel water pumps

Kitui industries was established in 1980, but has been involved in renewable energy since 2011.The company seeks to alleviate the challenge of access to water for sanitation and agriculture by...

15 Feb 2017

Farming without the use of conventional soil

Climate change has reared its ugly head on livestock production by making it increasingly difficult due to lack of pasture and fodder for the animals coupled by the high cost...

15 Feb 2017

Help Farmers in Kitui County to purchase bio-diesel water pumps

Kitui Industries

The Problem:

Kitui County is a semi-arid area, which has of late been suffering the negative effects of climate change. Erratic rainfall coupled with increased temperatures have...

2 Feb 2017

Briquette making proves to be a solution for deforestation

Maa Briquettes has been in operation for the last three years. The founder, George Mochu, an alumnus of Kenyatta University was unable to secure employment after his studies. In an...

30 Jan 2017