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Kuku Bora establishes processing plant

Kuku Bora established a commercial indigenous chicken processing plant. The business is leveraging on the existing high production of indigenous chicken (over32million birds) as well as opportunities for private public...

11 May 2016

Fruit Jams fresh from farm

Eco Agribusiness Limited (EAL) is a company that value adds fruits namely, strawberries, tree tomatoes, passion, pineapples, mangoes and oranges.  The company currently has five product lines, which include Jams,...

15 May 2016

The Green Economy Assessment Report

Kenya's transition to a green economy could produce major economic benefits - equivalent to an estimated USD 45 billion by 2030 - as well as greater food security, a cleaner...

17 May 2016

The Genie in a Bottle

Growing up, I always dreaded to enter my grandmother’s kitchen in the village. She used firewood to cook: There was such a dark, thick smoke in the room that I...

24 May 2016

Break through the noise as a start up to let customers know you have a superior solution

It was lunch time and I was very hungry. I therefore decide to go to my favourite restaurant to have lunch. I ordered my favorite meal. However when it came...

24 May 2016

Ethanol Transforming Lives in Nairobi’s Kibera Slums

It is now a fact that air pollution is now the world’s largest single environment health risk with the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimating that more than 7 million people...

26 May 2016