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Lentera: Climate smart agriculture through innovative inputs

Feeding the world’s growing population is a serious challenge. Food insecurity is concentrated in developing nations, where drought and low soil fertility are primary constraints to food production. Many crops...

21 Nov 2017

Kuni Safi Briquettes: an ecofriendly source of renewable energy

The demand for energy in Kenya is increasing for households, businesses and industry. Increasing populations, aggressive deforestation, expanding economies and a lack of regulation have led to increasing fuel prices...

21 Nov 2017

Reducing the carbon footprint in the world through production of briquettes

Coal is one of the most common and dangerous fuels in the world today. Its production entails cutting down of trees, and its use produces carbon emissions into the atmosphere...

8 Nov 2017

Converting waste into profitable organic fertilizer

Waste management has evolved over time. Different companies, both public and private have claimed their space in the collection and recycling of waste products, a market that has been fragmented....

8 Nov 2017

World’s first solar powered irrigation pump with a five-year warranty launches in Kenya

In a sector that is rife with small and unreliable irrigation pumps, both petrol and solar, there is now a pump that is robust and reliable. Its manufacturers, Futurepump Ltd, have...

8 Nov 2017

Green Economy with advanced technology: Hydroponic farming

Hydroponics is forecasted to be the only method used in 50-60 years, as organic farming is likely to be banned for health risks, and the rate of soil degradation is...

25 Oct 2017

KCIC Clients feature at the 2017 Nairobi International Trade Fair


The annual Nairobi International Trade Fair that took place from 2nd-8th October 2017 at Jamhuri Park attracted eight enterprises from the Kenya Climate Innovation Center hosted at the Industrial...

25 Oct 2017

Solar Kit that connects rural homes to the global village

Renewable Energy is a fast growing sector in Kenya. Solar Energy is at the forefront due to the abundant sunshine received almost all year round. Despite high initial capital costs,...

25 Oct 2017

Kenyan Start up wins the Global ClimateLaunchPad Award 2017

The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) congratulates Bio Alkanol Gel as the Winner of ClimateLaunchPad Grand Final 2017. The winners were announced at the awards ceremony held at Limassol, Cyprus.


24 Oct 2017

Reducing Inequalities in Kenya

Inequalities in Kenya are manifested in different forms. Differences in income and social status are observed across regions, gender and even specific segments of the population. According to World Bank,...

18 Sep 2017