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Processing macadamia for the export market

Women entrepreneurs have stood the test of times with myriad of challenges to drive successful businesses. One such enterprise is Exotic EPZ Limited which is owned by three iconic women...

7 Feb 2018

Water harvesting may be the long term solution for sustainable agriculture

If all the water that runs off the surface when it rains could be harvested, food and water insecurity would be completely tackled. Drought and communities going without food would...

10 Jan 2018

Agricultural technologies: Lessons from Israel

The year 2017 was a challenging one for any economic growth analyst focusing on Kenya. The national government and development partners such as the World Bank and the IMF had...

10 Jan 2018

Time to leave the boardroom and act now

On Christmas day ideally what happens is you have a full belly and get a blanket to cuddle and listen to the rainfall. Last Christmas was different at least for...

10 Jan 2018

Turning plastic waste into cooking gas

Plastic waste has attracted widespread concern and attention in Kenya. According to a case study done by the University of Nairobi, the rapid rate of urbanization throughout the world has...

20 Dec 2017

Autodesk Foundation supports KCICs early stage financing facility

The Autodesk Foundation funded Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC) with a grant of $100,000 for its Early Stage Financing Facility. The foundation provides support through grant funding, software, technical training,...

20 Dec 2017

Providing early stage financing mechanism for clean technology enterprises

Obtaining financing for climate technologies is particularly challenging in developing countries due to additional uncertainty and risks that are hard to mitigate in private financial markets, lack of patient and...

20 Dec 2017

Rural communities access energy for income generating ventures

Electricity is central to the development agenda in Kenya. Without electricity it is unlikely that development projects and public investments, such as schools and community centres, can achieve their intended...

20 Dec 2017

Investment in moringa a big opportunity for Kilifi County

Kilifi County is amongst the 14 out of 47 counties that are marginalized coupled with the hot weather. In 2014, Papu Haroon ventured into Moringa farming to assist the community...

6 Dec 2017

Growing demand for bio-diesel spurs business idea


Globally, the use of bio-diesel as an alternative to petrol/diesel has seen increased interest due to environmental benefits associated with its combustion. The high cost of vegetable oils, which could...

6 Dec 2017