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Tala Iconic Business World: Empowering Women and Youth through Agribusiness

According to the 2017 World Food Prize laureate, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, “the future of African youth lies in agriculture.”  This future can be realized through empowering women and youth in...

22 Oct 2020

An organic food startup offering nutritious options

Last week on 16th October, 2020, the whole world celebrated world food day. This day gives us an opportunity to reflect on the basic needs of humanity and reminds us that...

22 Oct 2020

Does the government have a role in stimulating growth in the SME sector?

The government plays a leading role in the provision of an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. One such way is through the provision of incentives to attract investments in...

15 Oct 2020

Kenyan Farmer Providing Affordable Medicinal Solutions

Vitman Wafula, a farmer based in Kakamega county, has set up a medicinal garden where he raises seedlings for medicinal plants and trees. He also keeps both stingless and stinging...

15 Oct 2020

Engineer-turned farmer’s way of sowing potatoes

Where do your home fries, chips, french fries and mashed potatoes originate? You have probably never seen a packet of potato seeds for sale in supermarkets because potatoes do not...

15 Oct 2020

Bungoma County to engage in the ‘AgriBiz’ programme funded by EU and Denmark to support women and youth agribusiness  

The County Government of Bungoma and Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) have signed  a memorandum of understanding (MoU) towards supporting women and youth agribusiness enterprises in Bungoma County and the...

17 Sep 2020

Bringing Nutrition to Low Income Kenyans

Food Security and Nutrition is a key pillar of the Big Four Agenda, which was conceptualised by the H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta to accelerate the achievement of Kenya’s Vision 2030...

3 Sep 2020

Kabete Vegrow: Farming, a solution to youth unemployment 

The percentage of unemployed youth has been growing exponentially in the past decade with an explosion in this Corona period. James Irungu, propelled by joblessness, ventured into farming by sheer...

5 Aug 2020

How Poseidon Pump Systems is harnessing energy from moving traffic

Kenya and other developing countries are experiencing exponential growth in their populations leading to an ever-growing demand for domestic and industrial use as well as increased waste water. The existing...

23 Jul 2020

Young, female and an agriculturalist

There are few young people you meet and they inspire you so much. One such person is Carolyne Mukuhi Mwangi. You do not have to take my word on it,...

23 Jul 2020