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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about KCIC

Who can apply for incubation?

Any for profit venture that is developing/selling innovative solutions in Renewable Energy, Water and Agribusiness. The company should be operating/intend to operate as a private company registered and operating within Kenya. We generally look for entrepreneurs who are keen on scaling up/commercializing the venture.

When is the application period?

We accept applications throughout the year.

What services/ facilities do you get when incubated?

KCIC fosters innovation through a set of services. The services are delivered through the following pillars; Financing, Business Acceleration, Market Development and Matchmaking Services.

What is the typical incubation period?

When an entrepreneur is admitted into KCIC, the first letter of agreement is signed and incubation is offered for a maximum period of 12 months. Over the course of 12 months the progress of the company is tracked through monthly reports and meetings with business analysts.

On a need basis, extension for support beyond the 12 months is provided.  

What is the process of applying?

Click on the link Apply to start the application process. Follow the provided steps and answer all the questions with as much detail and clarity as you can.

What is the criterion for selecting to incubation?

We evaluate each application we receive based on:

  • Eligibility – does the business idea fall within the scope of the CIC’s three thematic areas?
  • Feasibility – is the business idea feasible from a technical and business perspective?
  • Impact – will the business idea make a significant impact on the community, women and the environment?
  • Progress to date – has the applicant taken key first steps to move the idea forward?

If your application meets our criteria, we will contact you to arrange a meeting with one of our team members. The purpose of this meeting is to enable us to learn more about your business idea and see if the support we offer would be useful to you.

What is an incubation facility?

An incubator is a facility or program that provides start-up companies with a variety of services to help them grow faster and with fewer challenges during the start-up and expansion periods, when they are most vulnerable.

The Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC), is an incubation center that seeks to deliver a mix of economic, environmental and social results, including job creation, reduction of carbon dioxide emission, greater climate resilience, and access to clean energy, safe drinking water and strengthened technology transfer and local innovation capacity through private sector approaches.

What happens to entrepreneurs after the 1 year incubation period is over?

Graduation is when a client company has matured to the point that they do not need incubator assistance regularly and are ready to have their own facilities. Usually the company has a product(s) in the market and has reached a level of financial stability and employee growth that enables them to be fully functional on their own.

Upon graduation, you become a member of the KCIC Alumni Network. This network is meant to strengthen the relationship between KCIC and its successfully graduated startups with an aim to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive. When you graduate from incubation, your initial idea will ideally be transformed into a sustainable business. The networking you do and the contacts you acquire help you link up with proper investors/mentors for the growth phase.

How long should I expect to wait for a decision on my application?

Applications are reviewed twice every month. An applicant should therefore expect a response within 3 weeks from application date. A direct response will be sent through the email used to apply.

How can I get assistance with my application process?

Kindly contact us through, (+254) 703 034 701 / 703 034 704 / 703 034 000 for more information.

Or email us at info [at] kenyacic.org.

You can also visit our offices at Strathmore Business School, 3rd Floor, Ole Sangale Road, Madaraka.