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Village Industrial Power

Village Industrial Power (V.I.P.) is a pre-revenue, venture backed social enterprise, commercializing an innovative energy solution for agro-processors throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Their initial product, the V-10, is a biomass fueled, combined heat and power solution. The V-10 unit provides clean, reliable, off-grid energy to farmers
who generate their own fuel through productive use of the machine – crop processing. The unit delivers a combined 10kW of electricity and 50kW of thermal energy with a mechanical energy option of 12kW from a PTO shaft. This equates to the following in-terms of productive use of heat and power: Lighting for 200 village homes, 3 phase power for a small posho mill, welder or sawmill, steam heat that could boil 450 litres of water in 1 hour, hot dry air that could dry 1 ton of maize in 2-4 hours.

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