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Smart Cook Energy Limited

Smart cook Energy a subsidiary of the Koko Networks develops innovative fuel distribution technologies for mainstreaming bioethanol-based cooking in Kenya. Their target market is the highly populated peri-urban zones whose residents mainly rely on kerosene and charcoal for cooking. The company’s innovation is in their distribution model. The model consists of the following;

1. Smart Net” software suite for creating and managing prepaid customer accounts, and efficiently managing fuel network operations.

2.  Fuel Point – an automated fuel dispenser, enabling quick and cashless fuel access throughout the city. A prototype exists in Kangemi and is already being used by the residents around.

3. Micro Tanker – for safely restocking Fuel Points.

4.  Reusable customer-owned Smart Canister for accessing fuel from Smart Cook Fuel Points and safely carrying it home.

 Smart Cook does not directly engage in the fuel trading business itself ,they deploy and maintain a city-wide network of fuel depots and Fuel Points and make them available to selected Fuel Retailers/ Petrol Stations operators so that they can add a new Fuel to their current business.  Petrol stations value this approach for boosting their revenues without having to invest in creating a Bioethanol Fuel Point network themselves. A micro tanker then transports this fuel to the fuel points within the estate.

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