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Simatech Integrated Solutions

Simatech is a limited company which was incorporated in Kenya in 2016 with the aim of providing solutions in the area of agriculture, green energy and industrial automation. They make automatic chicken feeder cages that have automatic time based feeding system that computes amount of feed consumed and displays alarms when the feed level goes below a certain level in order to be filled, automatic disinfection of poultry house to prevent dangers of airborne diseases, automatic water supply, automatic lighting system at night, ease of manure collection and disposal and eggs are also counted by the system

The electrical panel houses all the electrical controls and electronics components for controlling the entire process through a program on the main controller PCB board. The system can use 12v battery 200AH for powering it and since it can use either solar power/mains it is viable in rural areas where there is no electricity supply. Their market includes poultry farmers in rural and urban centers, women groups, investment chamas and Saccos, schools, hotels and agricultural research centers.

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