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Powerspot Kenya Limited

Powerspot Kenya Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Powerspot Spain, where this technology was discovered and is patented. The company originated a disruptive technology that seeks to solve energy needs the world over. They design and manufacture thermoelectric generators that produce electric power by temperature difference. Specifically, they offer a solution that converts normal cooking heat (e.g. boiling water) into thermal electric energy that can light up bulbs, charge phones, tablets & other types of rechargeable batteries such as radios, torches and fans. This makes it an economical, durable and safe way to generate electricity without additional costs for the user. Despite being slightly costlier than existing solar home systems currently used in these areas, it compares favorably in terms of the technology does not depend on the presence of sunlight to work. It does not use batteries to store energy hence no need to replace batteries every few years as is the case with solar home systems. The product is targeted mainly at off grid, rural households and the company is setting up partnerships with local manufacturers of clean cook stoves (some of whom are KCIC clients) to deploy their thermoelectric conversion technology.

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Alfonso Acebal
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