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Maji Milele

Maji Milele Ltd. is the first subsidiary company of Water Forever. Like their Dutch mother organization, they are a for-profit social enterprise. Their mission is to provide safe water for all Kenyans not only for a few years, but ‘forever’, meaning ‘Maji Milele’. Water Forever International (WFI) provides a full maintenance and service concept (maintenance, repairs, and replacement) for prepaid water points. Prepaid water will lead to a systematic and transparent flow of money which makes it interesting for financing institutes as well.

WFI receives revenues upfront and can track all payments and water flows through an online monitoring system, which can be used for evaluation of activities. Maji milele’s success is how they have integrated a community savings account in the water delivery model by simply refunding a percentage of the total water sales to a shared online visible community account. With this optional service, communities will have a 100% transparent shared account for the very first time in their life.

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Marcel Schreurs
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