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LishaBora Hydroponics Limited

Established in 2015 LishaBora is a scalable and sustainable social enterprise using hydroponics to introduce an alternative feed solution for smallholder dairy farmers’ cows in Kenya. Hydroponic barley fodder is grown in a low-cost greenhouse system where barley seeds are germinated, planted and grown for nine days. LishaBora owns and operates the systems while farmers buy the fodder in amounts based on their buying power. The systems are based close to the farmers, reducing last-mile distribution costs. The fodder is picked up at the greenhouse or at ‘drop points’ in nearby surrounding areas.

LishaBora is creating a ripple effect in nearby communities by word of mouth of increased milk production. Their scalable, off-grid system’s design is constructed in nearby communities, and incorporates an ongoing revenue stream that covers the cost of operation, and creates profits for greater expansion into the overall cow health sector. By lifting the yield of smallholder dairy farmers’ cows by 20%, LishaBora can raise the incomes of the 1.8 million smallholder dairy farmers in Kenya and millions more abroad.

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