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Kitui Industries

Kitui Industries Ltd is a cotton gin plant established way back in 1935 but officially incorporated in 1980. The company’s main products are lint cotton and bio-diesel. However, it ventured into biodiesel production in 2013. The production process starts with the ginning process which consists of semi-automatic ginning where the lint is separated from the seeds then passed through a series of gins where it’s compressed in bales, banded with straps and wrapped for shipment. The seeds are then passed to the bio-diesel processing and crushed to produce the bio-diesel.

 In addition, the byproduct of the seeds crushing process is the cotton seed cake. These are sold to animal feeds manufacturing companies. The facility extracts 250 litres of crude oil daily which is then heated at 100oc to remove impurities. Hydrophilic hydrogels are then used to remove water content from the ‘crude oil’. This ensures that the bio-diesel can be used in diesel engines e.g. diesel trucks and diesel generators. Once the water is eliminated, tar is produced. The company sells the tar to road contractors, soap & glycerin making companies.

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