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Future Pump Limited

Future pump assembles and distributes an affordable solar irrigation pump (Sunflower solar irrigation pump) to farmers in the rural areas in Kenya.  The pump is a surface pump which can draw water from depths up to 7.5m and an overall lift of 10 meters which is ideal for shallow wells, rivers and lakes. The company is currently in its fifth iteration of the pump based on customer feedback.  The pump works best during the dry season when there is a lot of sunshine. It has encouraged farmers to move away from traditional rain fed farming.  

The manufacturing is done in India and in 2015; the company deployed 70 sunflower pumps to their demonstration farm pilot at Homabay County in Nyanza Region. The Company targets small to medium scale farmers with an average of 2 acres per farmer. In 2016, the company sold over 100 pumps across the region. 

KCIC has provided access to technical training, publicity and advisory services on the business model. The company has also benefitted from exhibition opportunities which have facilitated the creation of strategic partnerships.

Contact Person
Managing Director
Toby Hammond