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Eco-Charcoal (Kasigau Tree Farm)

Eco-Charcoal Ltd is a new registered company formerly known as Kasigau Tree Farm Project, a green joint venture that provides biomass briquettes as a viable cost-effective alternative to firewood and charcoal; consumption of firewood and charcoal has led to deforestation and pollution. They are using 10 hectares of dry land forest to produce sustainable organic eco-charcoal briquettes’ production and indigenous tree planting thus Innovative protection and conservation approach. Eco-Charcoal ltd is addressing the energy gap by producing safe, clean healthy briquettes simply made from pruned branches which are dried, carbonized and mixed with a natural binder. They do not collect charcoal dust from cut wood or industrial waste as opposed to the majority of briquettes industries in Kenya.

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Béatrice Despioch
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