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Consumer Choice Ltd

Consumer Choice Limited’s (CCL) mission is to ensure that Kenyan’s base of the pyramid adopt renewable sources of energy for all their cooking and lighting needs at affordable prices. They have developed an ethanol cook stove traded as ‘Moto Safi’ which sells as a single burner and double burner units. The enterprise also produces and promotes an ethanol gel trademarked as ‘Moto Poa’ gel. Ethanol gel, a product available locally and regionally, is a byproduct of sugar production.

The main channel of distribution is the supermarkets and private orders and the products are found in over 80 supermarkets in Kenya. The catering industry has also been receptive to their product, the Moto Poa gel which they use as an alternative to methylated spirit in restaurants and hotels. Their target market consists of households currently using kerosene and charcoal fuels.

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Mohammed Uhuru Kadhi
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