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Bitmax Supplies Limited

Bitmax Supplies is a local Kenyan company that is legally registered in the year 2010 by a group of innovators who wanted to make a change in the community by addressing energy poverty and contribute to the environmental management and protection.The Bitmax solar light consist of a solar PV module that produces a maximum voltage output of 9 volts, dc 3.6 amps of power led bulbs with an output of 6 watts with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The lower component houses radio circuit & mother board powered by a 6 volts’ battery [lithium phosphate].The light consists of an audible speaker, a USB port, AC port and an on/off switch that controls the volume. The two lights plastic rails fold together in an interlock that also open to enable the light to be operational while standing up vertically to a height of up to one meter and when not opened it has a length 500cm, a width of 10cm of breath of 6cm.

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Peter Mukiri
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