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Acacia Innovation Limited

Acacia Innovations Limited was founded in August 2016, with operations beginning in October 2016. Acacia Innovations has built a market for briquettes in schools and other institutions, which no other company in Kenya has successfully targeted. Since there is more production capacity than demand for briquettes in Kenya, Acacia Innovations decided to focus on sales and distribution, rather than building yet another briquetting plant. They have a partnership with Transmara Sugar Company, which manufactures briquettes from its own sugarcane waste and sells them only to local tea factories which can collect them in bulk.

They have been buying and packaging these briquettes under the brand Kuni Safi (“clean firewood” in Swahili) a unique approach to the market, they repackage and have the briquettes in customers’ perspective and then distribute them to schools and other small businesses.  They supplyt schools, hotels, restaurants and other small businesses in Kenya and have sold to over 60 schools and a handful of restaurants and hotels, all of whom order at least 1 ton at a time.

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Elana Laichena
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