• Agri- Business

    Hydroponics Technology - Central Kenya
  • Focus Area

    Innovative Renewable Energy, Water & Sanitation and Agribusiness
  • Water

    Contributes to time savings for women, more hours in school for girls
  • Renewable Energy

    Increasing levels of investments in this sector around Kenya
  • Agri Business

    Contributing 80% of formal employment and 26% of GDP in Kenya today!

Our Services

Business Acceleration

Kenya CIC provides diverse services to support entrepreneurs in cleantech to grow their ideas


CIC aims at facilitating flexible access to finance to fund clean technology businesses through their growth cycle

Market Development

The CIC provide market intelligence products including the market opportunity for various clean technologies


The KCIC provides a one-stop matchmaking service that offers a range of quality services

Recent Clients

Future Pump Limited

solar-powered irrigation


drought tolerant NERICA


portable plug and play solar systems

Weet Enterprises

Prolytic cook stoves

drought in Kenya
Dec 5

What the Green Climate Fund Means for Kenya

Attracting international climate financing on a sufficient scale remains a challenge, mainly due  to fierce competition  for the funds, this is again exacerbated by the constant changing landscape of climate finance. 

Nov 21

Green Loans to Conserve the Environment

Meeting the demand for well-designed agriculture credit that allows farmers to assume small amounts of debt without using the farm as collateral has been a huge challenge for many financial service providers